Industrial Strength Wi-Fi Solutions / Commercial Hot Spots / Multi-Channel Office Wireless Products

Point to Point Wireless Integration

Share a single high speed internet connection between all of your buildings! No need to contract for multiple ISP lines! Using our Point to Point solution, you can provide internet connections throughout your campus on the same network as your main building. This low cost solution provides maximum speeds at a low cost.We offer commercial, high wattage Wi-Fi and Hot Spot solutions. Far superior to retail residential units, these units are designed to penetrate brick, cement, wood and steel construction signal barriers.

Hot Spot, Guest Wireless and Commercial Wi-Fi Solutions for:

  • Hotels, motels, resorts, conference center and trade show wireless access
  • Automotive dealership and service center Wi-Fi providers
  • Lodges, inns, bed & breakfasts, restaurants and cafés
  • Real estate – condos, gated communities, apartments and homes
Wireless for the masses

Customed designed wireless solutions for 50-500 users is our specialty. We design, install and monitor the wireless solution to meet your needs.

Outdoor Access Points

Outdoor Access Points

Our outdoor access points can connect multiple concurrent users over acres of area, penetrating outdoor structures providing unmatched Wi-Fi reception and performance.

Our active installation clients include multi level brick and block constructed schools, multi floor motels with coverage to rooms and all indoor and outdoor common areas, banquet hall and outing facilities.
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Installation available in CT
DIY kits shipped nation wide.